What is 100 PRINTS?





Why does 100 PRINTS exist?

The idea of 100 PRINTS is a resource primarily aimed at British Independent Filmmakers. 

Its aim is to provide a bridge for independent filmmakers so that they can be inspired by other independent filmmakers who have gone before, from whom lessons can be learnt from previous experiences. 

This is a place for developing personal independence through a sustainable filmmaking career. 

100 PRINTS is an organisation that provides practical, relevant, down to earth advice that practically helps focus on getting films made, seen and distributed nationally and internationally. 

The aim is to leverage the expertise and experience of Filmmakers, Scriptwriters and Producers in the UK and showcase best practices, to encourage and develop upcoming talent. 

100 PRINTS, will support independent filmmakers in understanding the skills required to achieve funding, get ‘bums on seats’ and promote product.

This site is dedicated to discussing a range of issues relating to filmmaking it will enable you to access interviews with; Filmmakers, Festival Directors and Producers as well as download articles.

100 PRINTS will support and uplift filmmakers, but, most importantly provide a platform for understanding of the professionalism, discipline and etiquette required for promoting independent films.