Access to Funds

Keep revisiting us on the new look site to receive updates on the funds available to you.

However, for more information on how to become ‘Funding ready’ look out for information on our seminars and workshops.



5 responses to “Access to Funds

  1. Thanks for the heads up!

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  3. Hi,I have just stumbled across this site. I a interested in how I can aquire funding for really important Documentary that I have started working on. I have no former knowledge of documentaries/film/screenwriting. But I have a very interesting concept for a pressing issue, which I have been able to capture in a short documentary. I would love to transfer this to a bigger audience and the big screen……Please can you give me some information on this, if you can….

    Petula Hippolyte

  4. I have worked for many years in film and television and I have directed one feature film called REMEMBER A DAY. I have now just published a novel, which would make an excellent, all-british, low budget feature. I need development and script-writing funding as soon as possible.
    How can I set about applying for funding from Creative England?

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