Helpful tips

Useful links for Independent Filmmakers


Winning the awards and their benefits



Raising Finance  –  Listen to Pete Chatmon, Film Director of Independent Film, ‘Premium’.  He discusses the considerations required for raising finance.  Part 1 & Part 2


Two for the price of one click.  Discussion panel on finance and distribution.  Get money and learn how to share



When do you start thinking about distribution.  Josh Levin explains a few key tips.  Part 1 and Part 2

Power to the Pixel discusses with five filmmakers the power of self distribution – WATCH NOW

Filmmaker, Maurice Jamal, provides advice on making your intentions clear from the outset.  WATCH NOW

Four Eyed Monsters – a must see case study for independent filmmakers WATCH NOW

Danny Glover and John Sayles explain how they promoted independent film Honeydripper

3 responses to “Helpful tips

  1. The has the potential to be the mother earth of Independent Film Maker information. Bless. It did us the world of good.
    This vocation is not for the faint hearted, but to have a strong heart with no knowledge is just as bad.
    “we is your No. 1 aleady!”

  2. A valuable resource and learning tool.

  3. Urban Forest Pictures

    An absolute must for Independent film makers! Inspirational… thank you. The knowledge provides for a greater confidence. Here’s to making it happen!

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