The way to get professional Post Production services on a budget

 For independent filmmakers, Post Production can be a costly and lonley process without the correct contacts and facilities.  Here are five tips for getting access to talented and professional post production artists.

1.  Offer to credit the company and the artist on the film, in your marketing and on your packaging as a sponsor or as an Executive Producer. It carries more weight than only being credited in the film for their post production speciality.

2.  Contra-deals are a great way to exchange your services for post production time.  If you are a photographer, web designer  etc, offer to provide your services and in return you will take payment through post production services.

3.  Work in downtime.  Sometimes post production facilities will have quiet times (downtime).Offer to work in quieter times.

4.   Read industry publications eg: Broadcast, Televisual etc and find out which facilities are new or investing in new technology.  Offer to use your film to test their new kit.  (This option can be a lengthy process and requires that you keep backups of all content).

5.  Hang around the pubs in London Soho and get chatting to people.  In the UK, Soho is the hangout playground for post professionals.  Let people know about project and hopefully, someone will be interested and give you some time.